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Hi you, my name is Lena ―
I‘m 24 years old and I like to draw everything which appears in my head. Don‘t ask how all of this arises. Sometimes I get inspired by people around me. But most of the time it just happens – let‘s leave it at that.

Every piece is drawn with Adobe Fresco on an iPad with an Apple pencil. Sometimes selfmade graphics are added in a second step in Adobe Illustrator. The photographs are mostly taken by myself with my Canon EOS 250D.

I like the contrast between graphics and photography. When two worlds collide – something new and beautiful can emerge. I love to play with this collision and discover new ways to create.

My figures shall give you an emotion, accompany you into another world or just put a smile on your face. That‘s entirely your business. So have a good time on my website and let me know what feelings my figures do trigger in YOU.

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